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Thread: Several problems

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    Several problems

    First: I've never had problems with this router. Oleg's newest firmware worked for a long time very stable. But since a week I have several problems with my router. I don't have internet anymore; in system status the router says that I'm connected but I'm not; only a hard-reset works.

    Now I have a big problem: Wireless don't work. After all possible resets, it still doesn't work. Earlier I had the same problem; but then I saw in System Status -> Wireless that Radio was disabled. But now is everything enabled, but still no blinking Air-light and no signal. System status says:

    Mode : AP Only
    Channel : 0
    Channel: 0????? What? Why? Can somebody explain this to me?

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    when i do de 'wl' command, I get this:
    wl: wl driver adapter not found
    How is this possible? Everytime it works, instead of now... The only thing I can remember is that everything worked perfectly this morning, but in the evening I came home and I found the router on the ground (think it fell) so that is the only thing that changed. Maybe something broken inside the router?

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    THAT was the problem; the WLAN-pci card inside the router was not completely in his bracket (because of the fall), I put it back in the bracket and everything works

    Argh, so many resets because of something easy :P

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