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Thread: Greetings! Before I buy a WL- 700 gE

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    Greetings! Before I buy a WL- 700 gE

    Hi everyone,
    My goal is to have a simple dedicated torrent machine.
    I was in the middle of configuring an old computer to do this, when I found the WL- 700 gE .
    First I had lots of enthusiasm, WOW I thought, this device is going to do exactly the job I need. Cool, great, fantastic. I can buy one of these and ditch the old clunker....then a little disappointment; further searching revealed all the well known issues. Why? I thought, why didn't Asus try a little harder? It's such a brilliant idea, and so close to being well realized.

    Then I found this place. Great... perhaps a solution after all.
    Please help me out before I buy one (or not). I have to admit, I don't understand all the firmware discussions (yet). And I am familiar only with uTorrent so far;

    So please help me decide...

    With the implementation of the firmware and other improvements, the use of a torrent client such as ntorrent or rtorrent
    - Is the modified machine now in a simple to use and reliable state?
    - Can IReliably download encypted torrents (for me this is a must as my ISP shapes traffic.
    - Use an External hard drive to easily transfer files larger than 4GB to my windows machine?. (Still a little unsure with Linux)

    I kept wondering as I read how Asus could leave things in such a mess. It sounds like you guys have done a great job at improving this device.

    So please tell me, before I jump in and buy one, and begin learning all that is required to make it function properly...

    Can I hope for a simple and reliable torrent machine?

    Many thanks, Turbo.

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    Don't know about encryption, and I'm not sure why would you want to transfer files via external hard disk - copying then onto hard drive is not much faster than copying them through ethernet - but with modded KFurge firmware torrents are reliable and working well.

    I am now very satisfied with Wl700gE, torrents and emule work great, for graphical interface I use sancho which is great too. Only small drawback (if you're used to normal PC-based torrent clients) is that you can't delete torrents from sancho (GUI), but have either to use FTP or Telnet to router to do it. But you just get used to thet, it's not a big deal. Perhaps this could be solved by setting permissions on .mldonkey folder, but I was too lazy to try :-)

    As network disk, it is a bit slow, but it works (i.e. I can watch DivX films from it on my HTPC). WiFi works great, I have 2-3 notebooks and Skype phone connected at the same time. Printing is OK, bit slow to open print properties, but prints normaly. Web-Camera part does not work at all. You can connect external Disk/flash disk to USB port, but I never tried copying from router to disk (just from disk to router).

    All in all, I would recomend it to anyone (on condition to flash firmware to modded KFurge version).


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