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Thread: How to install usb/ bluetooth GPS ?

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    How to install usb/ bluetooth GPS ?


    please refer me to basic howto
    install and run GPS device on usb port or as bluetooth device.

    And how to read gps fix data and to send them over tcp to another computer.
    GPRS usb modem already installed.
    Do I need tcp2com package installed ?


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    How to rfcomm bind /dev/bluetooth/rfcomm0 ?


    how to bind rfcomm to rfcomm0 device ?
    is sudo necessary or required ?

    I get
    [admin@oo root]$ rfcomm
    rfcomm0: 00:15:4B:01:2E:BD channel 1 closed

    bt GPS is not connected.

    get gps connected

    [admin@oo root]$ hcitool connect 00:15:4B:01:2E:BD
    < ACL 00:15:4B:01:2E:BD handle 6 state 1 lm MASTER
    [admin@oo root]$

    and the same message

    [admin@oo root]$ rfcomm
    rfcomm0: 00:15:4B:01:2E:BD channel 1 closed

    Should I open channel 1 first to get rfcomm0 device working - how ?


    [admin@oo root]$ rfcomm
    rfcomm0: 00:15:4B:01:2E:BD channel 1 closed
    [admin@oo root]$ rfcomm bind /dev/bluetooth/rfcomm0 00:15:4B:01:2E:BD
    Can't create device: Address already in use
    [admin@oo root]$ cat /dev/bluetooth/rfcomm0
    /dev/bluetooth/rfcomm0: No such file or directory
    [admin@oo root]$ car /dev/rfcomm0
    -sh: car: not found
    [admin@oo root]$ cat /dev/rfcomm0
    /dev/rfcomm0: No such file or directory
    [admin@oo root]$ hcitool lq 00:15:4B:01:2E:BD
    Not connected.
    [admin@oo root]$ hcitool cc 00:15:4B:01:2E:BD
    Can't create connection: Input/output error
    [admin@oo root]$ hcitool cc 00:15:4B:01:2E:BD
    [admin@oo root]$ hcitool dev
    hci0 00:1A:7D:06:12:30

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    sudo doesn't exist on the oleg
    try setting your admin to root in the webinterface, it might work
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    Already installed bluetooth dongle.
    Can hcitool to connect bluetooth gps for tests.
    The problem is how to create rfcomm device to read gps data.

    It works
    can rfcomm bind
    unfortunately rfcomm0 device is not accessible to me.

    Any idea ?


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    follow-up 2

    finally get my bluetooth gps connected
    and can read NMEA sentences in terminal.

    Now I am looking for basic NMEA parser to extract lon, lat, time, speed
    None in IPKG.

    Maybe shell script parser .
    Any idea ?


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    gpsd and gpspipe - no NMEA sentences, why ?


    I can read NMEA sentences from Bluetooth GPS device
    cat reading binded rfcomm0 device.

    I wanted the same with gpsd.

    gpsd /dev/rfcomm0
    and no NMEA entences,
    why ?

    From previous thread I have learned, gpsd worked with usb-serial Prolific device.
    Any chance to have gpsd to work with rfcomm .
    If so, how to set up gpsd.

    I would prefer gpsd as it comes with some parameters to read long, lat, time, speed.


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    got a hint from Gary Miller, author of gpspipe
    and gpsd started to work finally
    sending NMEA sentences to stdout - terminal.

    I need to learn more how to use gpsd to select long, lat, time, speed data only.

    Can you help me or refer to some nice examples ?


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    gpsd and gpspipe work fine, showing up NMEA sentences

    follow -up

    finally got gpsd and gpspipe working
    showing up
    NMEA sentences in 2 opened terminal sessions respectively.


    Have a Happy New Year 2009

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    How to start request protocol for gpsd client ?


    I can run gpsd in debug mode 5, gpspipe works normally.

    What I am looking for is how to switch gpsd to interactive mode,
    to read request protocol .

    Each request normally consists of a single ASCII character followed by a newline

    gpsd manual


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    Best approach for sharing GPS over Ethernet

    Hi folks, first post!

    I'm looking for the fastest and safest approach to incorporating a GPS receiver into an Asus router. I simply want it to be available over the wired network and it seems that using a standard USB GPS receiver and installing gpsd on the router is the best way to do this.

    I'm comfortable with Linux and custom electronics, but was really hoping I could avoid some risk by consulting those that had come before me. Has anyone gone down this route and would be willing to share details?


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