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Thread: Having problems with printers?

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    Having problems with printers?

    Hey all,

    I've came across with this problem that I couldn't find a solution at first: my printer wouldn't print and I couldn't delete the job from the printer spool. I thought it was a spool problem at first, due to low space on router. I then read on Oleg's page that RAW protocol (or the actual implemention of this protocol by Oleg/Asus) doesn't require a spool on the router, but it actually stays on the computer that sent the request.

    After trying a lot of options, I found out that killing the spool service and restarting it, would solve the problem, but that wasn't enough for me.

    I found a simple option that enables 'Bidireccional Support', on the printing options. If these option is enabled, your printing queue won't work. Why? My idea is that the print-requester pc is waiting for information from the router, and that the router doesn't send any information. So, the queue 'hangs' until it gets that information.

    I advise you to UNselect this option, and everything should be fine.

    I'm using the v1.8 firmware tree, custom one by Oleg. Obviously, this is my own experience and can vary from setups and firmware versions, and I don't consider it a bug, since it was a problem solved from 'end-user'.

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    Where do you "unselect" this option?

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    Quote Originally Posted by renaudtwingo
    Where do you "unselect" this option?
    Somewhere in the printer properties there should be some queue settings. Normally you can disable it from there.

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