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Thread: Rtorrent + Ntorrent Thru SSH Solid,Complete And Working Guide.

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    Quote Originally Posted by weixing View Post
    I can successfully start rtorrent (as seen in ps), but the torrents never start dl. Anybody know how to resolve?
    I had the same problem recently
    in my case it appeared to be a dns resolve problem.
    I'm not sure if it's your problem as well, try to do something like this command:
    the lookup should be done in about a second (containing a few ip's belonging to google)

    does it work properly?
    if it doesn't you can specify alternate dns servers in the web-interface: ip config -> wan & lan > WAN DNS Setting
    I chose for the opendns servers(free to use), and transmission seems to work fine now

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    Could somebody upload an older version? For example rtorrent 0.8.4-2. The new one doesn't seem to work for me either
    Before when I checked what is running, I saw rtorrent running as daemon, without screen. Now I see it running with screen and I believe that is the reason for not being able to connect with ntorrent.

    So, could somebody please post the previous version?

    FYI - I already changed #! /opt/bin/bash to #! /bin/sh and rtorrent runs fine, but ntorrent still doesn't connect.



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    Mmmm... something strange's happening here.
    Since a week my rtorrent runs fine at startup under screen, but everytime i put a torrent file on the dl watched folder, on session folder I can see a new session, on work folder I can see the torrent files, but rtorrent stop working.
    With ps -axf I see only SCREEN but rtorrent is closed.

    The same problem adding a torrent file from nTorrent GUI.
    An error window appear: redstone.xmlrpc.XmlRpcExeption: a problem occurred during parsing

    I just reinstalled screen and rtorrent 0.8.6-1, replaced the startup and cfg files without success.

    Any help ?

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