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Thread: Asus WL500g not work in INTERNET

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    Unhappy Asus WL500g not work in INTERNET


    I have my Internet's modem connected to a Router Wireless Asus WL500g. Until last weekend it was working fine. Yesterday I tried to access Internet in more than one PC with Wireless connection active and with good signal and I had no success. If I connect the modem directly to my network interface card on my pc all works fine, I have Internet. All configurations on Router Wireless are correct.After this I made a call to my Internet's Provider support and the guy told me that during this weekend many people with Asus Wireless router lost there connectivity to the Internet. He told me that something about automatic firmware update/upgrade on Wireless Routers from ASUS site cause this problem. Can you help me ?

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    Since when can asus automatically update your firmware?

    Did you try restarting the asus? What firmware is it running? What settings do you use?

    Based on the info you supplied no one can help you out, so please start with what firmware is running on it, what version, and what settings you use.



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