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Thread: How can you enable the extra 16MBytes of SDRAM in 500gx to provide 32MBytes?

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    I think this was an issue with early models, later ones comes with 32MB enabled from start.

    It is possible to upgrade to (atleast) 64MB.... but it takes some soldering.

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    @ CountZero,
    this sounds good.
    is there a howto to do this?
    and does it bring more performance?
    BIG Thx


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    this is sort of a howto...

    you can run more things without swap...

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    @ CountZero,
    big thx but it`s to hard todo for me
    BIG Thx


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    furst sorry for may bad english.
    and second i read this article and type "nvram get sdram_init" in telnet.
    the result was "0x000A".
    my router is asus wl-520gu.
    can I enable more that 16MBytes of memory?

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