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Thread: Two WAN connections at the same time

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    Two WAN connections at the same time

    Is it possible to use one LAN port as a WAN port??

    I have my wl500gp connected to the internet through a PPOE connection. But now I have another internet connection and I would like to get both connections working at the same time, so that my Internet speed increases.

    Is it possible??? to get it working at the same time??

    I know there are some routers from draytek and so that do this, but I'm wondering if this great router could do the same


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    no, if it would even work, you won't be able to use them at the same time
    you need a special box that converts 2 cables into 1.

    and it's not really great to have it, as your ip is differs all the time, so some sites might block you out, or some internet applications don't work properly

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    ok thanks for the explanation

    best regards

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