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Thread: Microsoft MN700 hack project

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    I'd say your wireless connection is good

    Another great site is

    There's a tutorial to set up OpenWRT which I followed. Just make sure you change the interface names accordingly as per the table since the MN700 interfaces are not the same as the WRT54g or WL500g Deluxe.

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    This stuff needs to get plugged into the OpenWRT wiki, where people will know to look for it.

    Maybe that's a weekend project for me . . . .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soler
    Noticed some new attempts at this mod... For the new guys, have you experienced any wireless signal issues? See my post a bit further up on this page.

    What firmware are you guys running? OpenWRT? I may give it another shot since RC5 is out. I had White Russian RC4 running on it and it was unstable. Ran fine for a while but then would stop running during the night. Sometimes had to reboot a few times before it was back.

    I've since reverted back to the MS firmware but may give it another shot.
    I've been up and running Oleg's latest firmware I have had no issues with the wired portion of the router. Up until last night, 1/30/06 I've hadnt had any issues with the wireless portion but in this case the radio just shut off. I had to reboot the router to get it to work. Kind of weird. Oh well, but everyrthing is working fine.

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    Well I decided to give the mn700 another shot and jtagged it over the weekend using a buffered jtag. Interestingly, it would not write the custom cfe.bin and would only reach 4% and freeze. Tried two jtags with the same results. In the end, I had to write the original cfe.bin to it, reboot, then write the custom one and it was fine. Read the cfe.bin file and did a compare which turned up no differences.

    Flashed Oleg's latest and all was well. Have noticed the same problem as before with the wireless signal degrading over time, approx 48 hrs. Rebooting the router will restore the wireless signal.

    I may give OpenWRT another try next. Only thing stopping me is that it's not straightforward to enable uPNP which I use for video chats etc.

    Quote Originally Posted by edfcmc
    I've been up and running Oleg's latest firmware I have had no issues with the wired portion of the router. Up until last night, 1/30/06 I've hadnt had any issues with the wireless portion but in this case the radio just shut off. I had to reboot the router to get it to work. Kind of weird. Oh well, but everyrthing is working fine.

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    wireless radio quit last night

    Again, had to reboot the router this morning 2/6/06 to turn on the radio. Note: the enable radio button doesnt work. Only a reboot will get everything working again.

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    After looking again at the pictures in the pdf, it's obvious to me that neither the pictures are reversed, nor are they taken of a DB-25 Female. The adapter itself is upside down in the pic. It's assembled properly, resistors at 2, 3, 4, and 13, grounds connected at 20 and 25.

    And on that note... disregard any of the following:

    Quote Originally Posted by sbyers77
    The pictures of the actual cable in the pdf posted earlier are reversed...
    For the information of any readers, these pictures are not reversed. The person who made this document used a female 25-pin d-sub (parallel) connector.

    Though, if you use a male 25-pin d-sub connector and follow the diagrams and pictures in that document, it /will not/ work.

    For those of you who will flame me for this post, check out the cable used to attach the JTAG adapter to his/her computer. I bet it's straight-through (wired 1-1, 2-2, 3-3, etc.) and has male connectors on both ends.
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    I finally got around to ordering an appropriate replacement capacitor, ended up with a Nichicon UUD 1500uf 6.3v - which is an ultra-low-profile (for it's capacity) SMT cap. 10x10mm, actually smaller than the original. Mouser PN 647-UUD0J152MN (90 cents).

    Since it's an SMT capacitor, you have to straighten the legs and pull off the little plastic base, to turn it back into a normal radial cap.

    Neat thing: now my MN-700 boots up every time. it used to sometimes not really boot up when plugged in cold.

    I've got a problem, though. the dnsmasq package in openwrt somehow got enabled (I don't remember, might have been me), which had the thing handing out dhcp addresses and offering itself up as a dns server. I really haven't had the time to play with it, so it's been unplugged for the last few weeks, and i don't recall what i was doing the last time i fiddled with it.

    And now it's address is only accessable via wireless, and it's not working as an access point anymore.

    I've noticed that eth1, the lan device, comes up with no mac address. And brctl tells me it's not included in the bridge.

    Even after manually assigning mac and ip addresses to eth1, I can't access the mn700 through the lan ports. It used to bridge between the wireless and the wan port (eth2), but it's not bridging anymore.

    Anybody running Whiterussian RC4 know what i need to put in nvram for this thing to work properly?

    The bug report that references the b44 driver implies that it should be coupled with a switch.o driver, but i can't find an ipkg for it.

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    how did anyone performing this hack get past the jtag utility freezeing at around 4%

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    figured it out u cant erase the wholeflash
    has to be something on the router to flash cfe

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    MN-700 Network Flash Utility

    I have an MN-700 network flash utility if it might come in handy for someone. This way you might not need the cable.

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    Turning on LED

    Quote Originally Posted by Oleg
    The number stays for the bit number. The gpio port itself is accessible via /dev/gpio/*. You've to read outen, OR it with 0x40 (GPIO6) and write back - this should turn power led on. Then you will need to play with bit 6 in the /dev/gpio/out to change LED color.
    Would you provide an example command? I'm having trouble figuring out how to read outen, perform the OR, and then write back.

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    i love this hack

    got 2 units running now(openwrt RC4)

    in next time i will try to install a Atheros 5GHz wlan card

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    Thanks all people at this project

    I have successfully became my mn-700 to wl-500g according to "a step-step guide to reflash the mn-700". Especially thank Oleg for bootloader of mn-700,and thank sbyers77 for his reflashing method.Now I can connect internet by PPPOE on the wl-500g.

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    Someone (itwas jochen, Post #139) mentioned that installing OpenWrt right away doesn't work due to the empty NVRAM confusing the firmware. I didn't read that until after installing OpenWrt and as a result my router is bricked - I can't install Oleg's Firmware as the installation of OpenWrt disabled the boot-time TFTP check and I can't boot into OpenWrt. I also didn't think of backing up the NVRAM so I can't turn TFTP back on. Holding the reset button down during boot didn't do anything, either.

    Does somebody have a NVRAM image that I could JTAG over, preferably with boot_wait enabled?
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    Just erase nvram, you do not need nvram image.

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