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    Got past the weird port error, but now...
    Cable problemo...

    According to this...

    and this...

    I made my connector completely right but completely wrong by pic # 2. I counted the pins on the top (12) and 13 on the bottom (db25) in his pic. According to the pinout, there are only supposed to be resistors @ pin 2,3,4 and 13, and pins 20 and 25 connected (ground) with a common wire. OK. Now on my db25, the 12 pins, when on top, are pins 14-25, from left to right. judging by his connector, since his 3 resistors are on the bottom left, the pins on his go from 1-13 on the bottom, right to left, and 14-25 on top, right to left. On mine, it is 1-13, LEFT TO RIGHT, and 14-25, LEFT TO RIGHT on top. Are db25 connectors for older serial cables labeled differently than for parallel ports? At first seeing the chip detection error, I thought "i'll check my cable". And I looked at his connector and HOLY CRAP mine is reversed. Im just ticked right now so im gonna maybe change my pinout to match his db25 tonight, or some other night. Im working on HW tomorrow so I might not mess wit it then. I didn't connect pins 1 and 11, as he said they are un-needed.
    Any clue why we would have differently labeled pinouts on our db25's, besides maybe mine being for serial, his for parallel? I thought all db25's were standard.
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