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Thread: wl500w+oleg+transmission+rssfeeds+autodownload

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    utorrent which ive used until now can view rss feeds and then select a torrent to download automatically based on a favorites list.

    ie there are 10 new torrents in a day but i only want to download the one named "X.torrent" i also want the torrent software to do this weekly and without any user input.
    Is it possible for transmission to view rss feeds and then download automatically from a favorites list.

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    it is possible to write a script:
    - scan the rss
    - download every torrent matching your rules to source dir of transmission.

    This could be started with cron.

    I don't have the tiem to write this atm.
    Gimme some time.

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    Thanks alot wengi I ve got plenty of time to wait.

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