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Thread: how open the TRX file under Linux

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    Wink how open the TRX file under Linux

    I would like to know how is possible to open a TRX file under Linux (Knoppix)
    Thank a lot for your advice


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    How to work with trx.

    Im i looking for it but a havent good look. See that: is official web page but it's down. No emule source has been find.

    Sorry with my english.

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    See this thread too

    good look.

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    Gee, that was insightfull pieces of information!

    For the TRX, it mainly depend on the compressed format. Basicaly, you have to find the firmware data starting point inside the TRX (using the header info), then extract this data or mount the trx with an offset (if your mount command support this). There is an old tread about how to do it with stock firmware, but custom ones are different, and you need to find the info by yourself.

    Normaly, but knowing the right offset, you can mount the trx directly under knoppix using a mount, and giving the correct compressed format.

    Here is the most related thread about this subject:

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