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Thread: Asus WL-700gE slow printing

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    Asus WL-700gE slow printing


    I have a Asus WL-700gE, and a Canon MP600 USB printer connected. But when I try to print it is extreme slow. What can the problem be?

    Im using firmware (original asus)

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    I have now tried with the custom firmware, same problem!

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    I have similar problem. The PRINTING itself is not that slow, but when I try to open printer "properties" to seup orientation, paper size, etc, it takes long time.... And I have feeling it started for me with the custom firmware or (i had when I bought the box)....

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    Very slow

    Yes, I have been running the custom firmware for ages now and can confirm that as soon as I applied that update, the printing became very slow.

    I think it's something to do with the usb driver or whatever it is that is used to connect to the printer.

    I've got CUPS running as well; I had hoped that it would improve the speed but it didn't (though it did give me a great ability to interact with macs, and control the print jobs).

    When I send a print job, the first bit comes through to the printer at normal (fast) speed, and then it suddenly slows down, like the buffer is empty and it then seems to print very slowly.

    I think something was done in the asus firmware, and the custom version inherited the same problem.

    If anyone finds a solution we'd all love it.


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