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Thread: power off problem, please help

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    Wink power off problem, please help

    ok, the problem is probably a known one but i (we all) need a working solution. I also have a simple idee of solving it but i have 0 linux experience and also no linux pc to rebuild the firmware.

    Problem description:
    On power off device lose nvram boot_dev variable and boots from flash instead of HDD.

    Proposed solution:

    Make another firmware with hardcoded boot path to hdd device.
    This way we first flash the device with kam7.09V2_1.trx, change the root to hdd, and after that we flash it with the hard-coded boot path trx.

    Please someone who can edit the firmware do this for us:

    1.Unpack kam7.09V2_1.trx (

    2.edit mount_root file and change "nvram get boot_dev" with "dev/ide/host0/bus0/target0/lun0/part1"

    3.repack kam7.09V2_1hcbp.trx and post it here (hcbp=hard coded boot path ) )

    i really apreciate it

    thnx alot

    ps. some instructions on editing the firmware
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    I had the same problem with a "volatile non-volatile ram"...

    Thanks for the "firmwaremodifiertool"-link.
    Using this, it's reaaaallly eaaaasy to make the "mount_root" fallback if no nvram boot_dev is found.

    I didn't like the idea of having a fixed "boot_dev" to the hdd, so it's implemented as fallback, when "boot_dev" from nvram is empty.

    • Extract the firmware trx:
      Code: kam7.09V2_1.trx kam7.09V2_1
    • edit the "kam7.09V2_1/rootfs/sbin/mount_root"-script
      insert following lines after "boot_dev=$(nvram get boot_dev)"
    • pack the firmware trx:
      Code: fwbuild kam7.09V2_1/
    • upload the firmware in "fwbuild/custom_image-asus.trx" like a normal firmware...

    When required, I'll upload (rapidshare or some) or PM my trx...
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