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Thread: New transmission is not working

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    New transmission is not working

    Yesterday I have decided to upgrade packages in my WL500gP. My version is There is a problem with new version of transmission (1.32).
    Old version had executable file transmissiond and config transmission.conf, both are missing in new version. Also, httpd service for transmission on port 8008 installed automaticaly in old version of package. In new not (this is not problem, I can do it manually).
    Graphical interface of transmission is also different. When I load the new website of transmission, it could not connect to daemon:
    Connection Failed
    Could not connect to the server. You may need to reload the page to reconnect.

    There is an executable file transmission-daemon. When I start it manually, nothing happens.
    Where is a problem? What should I do to make it work?

    Thank you

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    remove package transmission and install transmissiond

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    thank you, solved

    (I think transmissiond package was added later, wasn't it?)

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    Thanks Oleo!

    I needed the older version and the ipkg install transmissiond worked wonderfully! I can't get the new one to runs a while and then crashes everything. This older version runs flawlessly. Thanks!

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    Thanks, it's truly work fine! Is there way to use transmission's web-interface on transmissiond?

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    Hi lads,

    how do I install latest stable Transmission? I know I can use 'ipkg install Transmission', but is it the latest stable binary? If not, how do I install it and how do I install Transmissiond?

    Thanks a bunch,

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    With changeset 8975 I've downgraded transmissiond to latest version. More testing is needed to prove that it runs stable.
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