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Thread: Transmission 1.31

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    Quote Originally Posted by calebz View Post
    where is settings.json !?
    in config folder
    Important: first turn off transmission, then change file. Otherwise the changes will be lost.

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    All i can see is transmission/web folder where there is no such file
    Can you be more precise? Im running openwrt.

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    I start transmission with following line:
    /bin/nice /opt/bin/transmission-daemon  -g /tmp/harddisk/share/torrent/config
    My statup script says where is "config" folder.


  4. Please help me error in

    compuarc@WL-001FC651356E root]$ /opt/etc/init.d/S90transmission-daemon start
    updating blocklist, ~4MB
    gunzip: Invalid magic
    starting transmission
    Transmission 1.41b4 (7408)
    A fast and easy BitTorrent client

    transmission-daemon is a headless Transmission session
    that can be controlled via transmission-remote or Clutch.

    Usage: transmission-daemon [options]

    -h --help Display this help page and exit
    -a --allowed <list> Allowed IP addresses. (Default:
    -b --blocklist Enable peer blocklists
    -B --no-blocklist Disable peer blocklists
    -f --foreground Run in the foreground instead of daemonizing
    -g --config-dir <path> Where to look for configuration files
    -p --port <port> RPC port (Default: 9091)
    -t --auth Require authentication
    -T --no-auth Don't require authentication
    -u --username <username> Set username for authentication
    -v --password <password> Set password for authentication
    -w --download-dir <path> Where to save downloaded data
    /opt/etc/init.d/S90transmission-daemon: /opt/etc/init.d/S90transmission-daemon: 32: /tmp/harddisk/transmission/config: Permission denied
    /opt/etc/init.d/S90transmission-daemon: /opt/etc/init.d/S90transmission-daemon: 32: /tmp/harddisk/transmission/download: Permission denied
    [compuarc@WL-001FC651356E root]$

    my change prmissions in 755 /tmp/harddisk/transmission/download and /tmp/harddisk/transmission/config
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    Thumbs up Second hdd

    Hello everyone,
    I install transmission and seems to be a good torrent program. I have a wd 500 GB HDD, but because of some things (HD movie..) i remain without space. Now i want to buy a 750 GB extern hdd and i want to attach to my wl500GP router ,to continue with downloads job. Can i connect a usb hub on my box, without interference between devices(i have a printer who looks very well and i want to keep it in a system) and how to setup the Oleg firmware to recognize the second hdd ? It's enough to format second hdd with one large ext3 partition?
    Thank u very much, u do a great job here !!

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