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Thread: How-to: USB CDROM, Soft RAID1

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    Lightbulb How-to: USB CDROM, Soft RAID1

    Hi Everybody,

    I'm using Oleg's firmware for 3 months now (on a WL500gp) - thanks Oleg - and it is really great, it works just perfectly !

    Since I do not have a desktop PC at my home - I only use a notebook - I really wanted to create a redundant way for storage and because I'm using Xbox for media playing I wanted an external DVD reader to be attached to my router so I can access all my DVD's through samba from my xbox.

    To achieve this I recompiled Oleg's firmware to include SCSI emulation for IDE/ATAPI CDROM & to include RAID support in the kernel. If you don't want to recompile the kernel yourself these are the steps to achieve both functionalities:

    1. insmod cdrom.o
    2. insmod isofs.o
    3. insmod sr_mod.o

    (it might be that the order is not this one, I'm writing this from my head)

    at this time your cd device will appear under /dev/scsi/...

    1. insmod md.o
    2. insmod raid1.o

    after this you can create your RAID1 soft array using mdadm. LVM is not needed.

    Note1: Because the 2.4 kernel contains a bug in md.c you need to replace this file with the correct one (this is described here: and it works perfectly when you recompile the kernel)

    If you need help with this, just contact me.

    PS. (offtopic) I've a USB hub with 6 USB ports attached to one of the USB ports on the router. This has 2 hard disks linked in a RAID1 array + the DVD reader. This works as intended - no special drivers were needed to support this.

    The second USB port on the router has attached a 6 in 1 card reader with a 4GByte CF Microdrive. This works as a charm as well

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    Great idea! Would it be possible to "autorip" af music-cd to mp3.

    I am looking for a solution that would make it possible to just put a music-cd in a cd-rom and then it should automatically be ripped in mp3 or flac etc. to the harddrive (samba). Even better update the id3 tags before ripping...?

    / Rasmus

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    I think it would be possible.
    I'm just trying to cross-compile automount (i've already included autofs4 support in the kernel) - then i suppose the mp3 rip tool can be started automatically as well. (i need this because the cd is not automatically mounted with oleg's firmware)

    I'll keep you posted on this.

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    I've cross compiled automount and it's working now (check my other post in the wl-500gp tutorials) - but i'm not yet sure if a program can be automatically started ...

    However since the automounter works only if you access a certain folder on the filesystem, i would say that this is the other way around ...

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    Thumbs up Just what i was looking for

    Great work that you got a dvd running on the asus
    but where can i find the modules you described ?
    if you obtained theme by compiling can you please post so others
    don't need to compile ??

    such is live ( and it gets sucher every day )

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    so for everybody who need the modules, here are them attached.
    i've left some other modules as well, if somebody needs them by any chance.


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    Hi guys,

    I recently have bought a NEUROS OSD linux based multimedia player. This player doesn't have DVD drive, it only reads from various memory modules and has network and usb 1.2 connection available. Since the USB interface is only 1.2, I can not attach a DVD reader, because it is not fast enough. I thought to attach the dvd to my WL500 gp v1 and mount it from there. Dou you guys think that it is possible?



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