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Thread: SAMBA vs Ubuntu 8.04

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    Question SAMBA vs Ubuntu 8.04

    The main question: Is there anyone who can reads/writes the router's shared folders from Ubuntu 8.04 or any new linux disto??

    There is no problem with browsing the files, but in case of trying to read a file the following error wrote in samba log (on the router side):

    2008/07/18 23:14:08, 0] smbd/nttrans.c:map_share_mode(443)
    map_share_mode: Incorrect value 80000000 for desired_access to file \MP3\test1.txt

    and when you try to write/copy onto the router:

    [2008/07/18 23:44:22, 0] smbd/nttrans.c:map_share_mode(443)
    map_share_mode: Incorrect value 40000000 for desired_access to file \MP3\test2.txt

    It used to work properly with the earlier versions and still works with WinXP. So it's maybe not a firmware issue.

    Samba version on router: 2.2.12
    Samba/Client version on my desktop: 3.0.28a

    Any well-tried solution wellcomed!

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    -what are the file permissions on these files?
    -is the partition formatted as ext3?
    -why don't you use linux sharing? nfs

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