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Thread: WL-HDD in WLAN-Client-Mode

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    WL-HDD in WLAN-Client-Mode

    Hi everybody,

    I've got a WL-HDD at home which is hooked up to my router via cable and I'm very happy with it. I now bought another WL-HDD for a friend, but there the WL-HDD needs to be integrated into the network via WLAN. Thus, the WL-HDD needs to behave as a wireless client. I tried and read many ways, but could someone just give me a clue how to change the setting so that it works this way?
    I do not mean WDS, by the way. The network is a WPA2-encrypted network, thus WDS won't work (as it only works with WEP).

    Here's what I've tried, resp. my questions:

    "System Setup": Access Point or Home Gateway? Both do not sound correct here.
    "IP Config - LAN": Get IP Automatically? is set to yes
    "Wireless - Interface": Settings are set in accordance to the WPA2 network
    "Wireless - Bridge": AP-Mode is set to Hybrid, although neither AP nor WDS mode are applicable. Connect to APs in Remote Bridge List? is set to yes and MAC-address of router is added.

    I know that WL-HDD is no longer going to be supported, but adding the functionality that it behaves as a normal WLAN-client which gets its IP via DHCP would be a great feature to add!



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    Nach einigem Suchen habe ich nun die Lцsung gefunden, unter
    Wireless/Advanced/Extended mode
    kann mit
    Station bzw. Ethernet Bridge
    auf den Client-Mode gestellt werden. Die Verbindungsparameter werden dann von den allgemeinen WLAN-Settings ьbernommen.

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    Fred's German has been translated by a woman at work.

    Here is the translation:

    "After some research, I have found the solution.
    It's under the Wireless/Advanced/Extended mode. It can be set up on "Client-Mode" with 'Station' or 'Ethernet Bridge'. Then the connection's parameters will be taken over by the general WLAN-Settings."

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    Oh, I'm deeply sorry, I don't know why I wasn't simply posting the response in English myself. Could have been that I posted this question in several forums and then copy-pasted the answer here as well. But thanks a lot for providing the answer so that others won't run into the same trouble!



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    Fred assumes you have the Oleg firmware installed on your WL-HDD. I don't WPA client mode is possible with the stock firmware from Asus. Having said that, I still haven't managed to set up the WL-HDD (with Oleg firmware) to access a WPA network yet however I have "only" tried to set it up for two days!

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    I'm not sure if we talk about the same things: WPA(2) wireless encryption is working fine, just enter your settings in the web interface at "Wireless"/"Interface"/"Authentication Method" and you have a range of encryption methods available.
    It becomes a bit more complicated if you want to have the WL-HDD as a client in a wireless LAN. Then you have to do the above mentioned steps additionally for the matter to work.

    Hope this helps, unfortunately, I can't test it myself anymore because I'm now using it wired only because performance is much better rather than with wireless.


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