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Thread: Bandwidth Management Thread

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    Bandwidth Management Thread

    Hi all,

    I just thought I would make a thread about BW management. My experience is that it does not work very good. On the picture below I have limited the upload speed on the donkey port to max 4kbps, while the download speed is not limited:

    The first part is with BW management turned on, then it is turned off (you can actually see that it goes to zero). At this picture the upload limiting looks as if it works (assuming that Asus does not know that kbps usually means kilo BIT pr second), but at other times the outbound traffic goes up to e.g. 10kB/s (limited by Edonkey). The ingoing bandwidth seems also to be affected by this setting, at least I got consistantly lower speeds by having upload limiting.

    I hope that BW management will work better in the future, as I plan on having IP telephony on a 1024/128kbps line. Actually it would be nice to have a "webphone feature", where should be possible to prioritize traffic to/from one IP address higher than the rest.


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    Please report which firmware version you are using, also your ADSL/cable speeds and the settings for QoS.

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