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Thread: How to make the ASUS connect to a DLink router?

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    Question How to make the ASUS connect to a DLink router?

    I have a DLink DI-624 router in my rather extensive home network.

    Now I want to set up the ASUS WL-500gP such that it connects into the WiFi network of the DLink so that I then will be able to talk to the ASUS via the WiFi network.
    I do not want the ASUS itself to allow other units to connect to it and get addresses, that is the task of my main DLink router.
    But I need to be able to talk to the ASUS itself over the WiFi.

    How should I configure it to allow this?

    I have looked at the Wireless/Advanced page and found "Extended mode" where I can select "AP or WDS", Station or "Ethernet bridge".
    Is this the right place to set the ASUS up as above and if so what should I select?

    The guide I am following talks about WDS but my DLink DI-624 is not capable of that and I don't see any point in it anyhow since I will not have any devices attach to the ASUS via WiFi. My only aim is to connect the ASUS itself into the network so it is accessible via WiFi.

    Any ideas please?

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    Install Olegs FW on the router.
    use bridge mode and get a static dhcp from your dlink (by mac) for asus.
    allow asus to connect to your dlink and on your dlink allow wireless access from asus. Enter webif of your asus.
    Then enable ftp and/or samba with your (needed) settings. Use search function of this forum if necessary.

    follow wengis tutorial step 0-8. (
    Change the webinterface to an other port with: "nvram set http_lanport=8080"
    and do a "flashfs save && flashfs commit && flashfs enable && reboot"
    From now on you can access your router with: http://IP_of_your_router:8080
    (keep it in your mind)
    Then enter the console on your router again and install (suggestion) lighttpd by issuing following command: "ipkg install lighttpd"
    and configure /opt/etc/lighttpd/conf.d/lighttpd.conf and set "server.port" to 80.
    Then start winscp (from Inet) on your pc and copy all needed webfiles to folder: /opt/share/www on your router.

    Last thing to do is to get a free dyndns account and enter your account datas into your dlink and enable dyndns on your dlink. Further you must open on your dlink port 80 with the ip of your asus. If you want to have ftp too, open port 21 on your dlink to the ip of your asus.

    Consider, that you can't access your website by your dyndns-name from your lan. Ask a friend to do this or use a second inet-access.
    have fun
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    more detail on the connection of WL500 to dlink

    Sorry to drag up this old thread but .....
    can you provide any more details on parts 2-4 ? I'm trying to get 2xWL500's to do just this.
    2/ use bridge mode and get a static dhcp from your dlink (by mac) for asus.
    I have configured bridge mode as WDSOnly, and then Enhanced=Station
    I have created a static reservation on MAIN for the remote TV box. And vice versa.
    3/ allow asus to connect to your dlink and on your dlink allow wireless access from asus.
    This is the part that doesnt work completely. the ASUS-TV box shows up on ,the MAIN router as 'associated', but not MAIN on TV. There is an entry on the TV box for the MAIN mac address. I cant ping either box, in any direction form the routers themselves.
    WL500gPv2 -- fw Oleg

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