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Thread: Atheros card module in Oleg firmware ?

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    Atheros card module in Oleg firmware ?


    I've just changed my mini PCI Broadcom card with an Atheros one.

    With Openwrt I get now very very good signal all around the house (with the previous one the Broadcom card I had poor signal) but routing is max 34 Mbits.

    With Oleg firmware I had 88-90 Mbits but I don't know how to activate the Atheros wireless in it. (I didn't find any madwifi module available).

    Can someone help me ?

    How can I have Atheros wifi in Oleg firmware ?


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    Some good news about atheros wifi?

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    Haven't heard of any lately, Dorin.

    Oleg's firmware was pretty good aside from the atheros support.
    It might function very well in Targoviste
    If you remember, I asked you some time ago to translate the other part of the forum in search for the atheros topic

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    I have an Asus WL-500g premium (firmware from koppel) and I want to use an atheros wi-fi module with him.
    Can you tell me plese if is any support for this wi-fi mini pci card in oleg's firmware??

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    Oleg's firmware supports only broadcom cards.
    Use openwrt 4 atheros.

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