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Thread: Transmission help

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    Transmission: Unable to find recent transfer stats in syslog

    I`m sorry for opening so many threads, but I always get into troubles with transmission

    now the problem is "Unable to find recent transfer stats in syslog" when I press update button..
    Torrents seems to work since I can see that on private tracker control panel...

    what to do now?

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    Did you run syslog daemon?

    /opt/etc/init.d/S05syslogd start

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    I got this message

    [admin@WL-001E8C3E0A8F root]$ /opt/etc/init.d/S05syslogd start
    Stopping syslogd: syslogd.
    Starting syslogd: /tmp/messages.log: input file is output file

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    I get that as well, not sure if it's a problem...

    try this
    nano /opt/etc/transmission.conf
    and change SYSLOG=/opt/var/messages to this: SYSLOG=/tmp/syslog.log

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    thx for help, but it is still the same...

    torrents work ok.. but it is nice when you have some stats to see...
    hope it`ll be better in the next version...

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    I've had this problem too after installing and following wengi's new tutorial.

    I've solved it by setting loglevel=7 in S05syslogd:

    OPTIONS="-m 0 -O $LOG_NEW/$LOGFILE -S -l 7 -s 0"

    and now I have statistics data for transmission.

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    great man
    it works now

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    Is it true that transmission is slower than other torrent clients??

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    Transmission help

    I get this message just above the Update and other buttons:
    "opt/share/www/cgi-bin/transmission.cgi: /opt/share/www/cgi-bin/transmission.cgi: 3: /opt/share/www: Permission denied Content-type: text/html "

    Also is it possible to change the default transmission port from 8008 tosomething else

    But yet everything works fine. Just wondering what that means or doing. Thanks in advance
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    Maybe it was in the past, but nowadays it runs with good speed on the wl500gp. average somewhere between (100 - 400 KB/Sec)

    Personally i am running it with clutch, which in my opinion works more reliable than transmission cgi and is easy to administer.
    The drawback of clutch is that you need to have webserver and php running which puts more load on the wl500gp.

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    I was able o fix it thank I just reinstalled transmission

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    unpause transmission using a schedule

    Hi everybody,
    I have been using transmission successfully according to the setup of wengi, everything works great with the newest firmware. However, when downloading a torrentof course this takes some (or sometimes considerably) bandwith, so then it is convenient to pause transmission. A shame when I find out the next day that I have forgotten to unpause it, so it has been standing still for the night. I think it should be possible for example, to let cron switch it on again, say at midnight. Has anyone any idea how to program this, what is the command that should be used? Or is there any other way to accomplish this?
    Best regards,

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    Just add a cron job to remove the .paused file.

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    Hi Oleo,
    Thanks for your reply, I hoped you may answer
    Could you explain me how to do that in cron, I am not familiar with linux, but can copy the commands and learn alot from you
    Thanks again,

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    Something like:
    # m h dom mon dow command
    12  23 * * * /bin/rm  /tmp/harddisk/torrent/work/.paused

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