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Thread: Is it possible to modify Operating Modes?

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    Is it possible to modify Operating Modes?


    I'm thinking about buying WL-500W but I'm not sure if it will be able to do what I need from it... (my current wifi router can do it... Straightcore WRT312)

    what we have in the begining:

    here's what I need:
    "outer world"---"asus"---"my network"

    outer world => 4xLAN(working as switch) and also internet input for "my network"
    my network => 1XWIFI(WPA2-AES) & 1xWAN(for connection of NFS) both routed and with NAT

    Do you think that it is possible with Asus WL-500W? The reason why I'm thinking about changing is better performance which I expect from Asus...

    18.6.Edit: I'm still checking this forum everyday and I hope that someone will reply if it(above) is possible with WL-500W?
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    should be possible, you can set up quite fancy routing systems
    it has a lot of functions on nat and routing

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