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Thread: webcam support ?

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    webcam support ?

    Has Asus WL-600 USB Webcam support like WL-500gP.

    I mean original firmware with web interface, USB Application/Web camera.


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    I don't know (I have wl500g). But I advise, you can check the kernel modules in /lib/modules/2.4.20/kernel/drivers/usb dir. (if kernel version not 2.4.20, replace substring '2.4.20' to your_kernel_version_string)

    If you look these files:
    ov511_decomp.o <-- ov515 webcam module
    ov518_decomp.o <-- ov518 webcam module
    ov51x.o <-- ov51x webcam module
    pwc.o <-- SAA8115. SAA8116 webcam module
    pwcx.o <-- SAA81xx webcam module

    Other kernel modules:
    audio.o <-- usb audio module
    printer.o <-- usb printer module
    usbcore.o <-- usb main modules (HUB and etc.)

    If you found ov*.o and pwc*.o modules, the WL600 compatible with WL500.


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    Thanks for instructions, George, but I have not ASUS WL-600 yet.

    I have WL-500gPv1 and my good friend with ADSL connection will have this wl-600 router, but IT MUST HAVE WEBCAM SUPPORT.

    Oleg firmware is not supported yet for this model, but

    I am surprised, that no word about webcam in asus web page with this model.

    I am fear, that we buy WL-600 and no webcam support, no telnet etc.

    Is anybody here who has this model and can try "WebCam" support, please ?

    Thank you very much and please sorry of my English.


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    ...and here I am

    First of all sorry for my bad english.

    I have a wl-600g with the latest firmware installed and from the shell, under the path /lib/modules/ I found the following 4 directories:

    /class with the following file:
    - usblp.ko

    /host with the following files:
    - ehci-hcd.ko
    - ohci-hcd.ko
    - uhci-hcd.ko

    /media with the following files:
    - ov511.ko
    - pwc.ko

    /storage with the following file:
    - usb-storage.ko

    I'm not sure it will be able to handle usb webcams

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