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Thread: How do you get an email server running on the latest KFurge build?

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    Unhappy How do you get an email server running on the latest KFurge build?

    Well this is a pretty simple question. I read from one of the post that KFurge had a mail server running on our fav. little toy. I am running the latest with all of the tutorials that are listed on the subject. I installed my own web server (works great as per the tutorial).

    As for my email server, I did the obvious thing; which is to download the SMTP apps (I have sendmail AND postfix) and since I want IMAPD, I also installed cyrus-imapd.

    I ran into issues installing postfix (I had to "ipkg -force-overwrite" and that seeemed to have worked). cyrus also had a bunch of issues because a bunch of usernames did not exist and etc. So now I tried to simply run postfix and i get a nasty error:

    postfix: fatal: file /opt/etc/postfix/ parameter default_privs: unknown user name value: nobody

    So clearly, I figure that I need to create a nobody user. I add the following line in my passwd:


    but that still fails. Ther permission on the passwd file seem fine at 644, I'm not sure what' going on.

    Now that I'm done with my crazy babbling, I'd like to understand what steps you guys took to get an email server running. Or KFurge, if you have some time, how did you go about installing your email server on your box? I'm not really attached to any specific application (sendmail, qmail, postfix, ...). I just want to get a decent (preferably low-weight) email server running with imap.

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    My system is not as elaborate as you want. I use fetchmail to get it from a remote server, procmail as my local MDA, and a popd to get it on my laptop. I use esmtp to send it back to my provider's server.

    - K.C.
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