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Thread: wl-500gPv2 Media server and HDD issue

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    wl-500gPv2 Media server and HDD issue

    Hello all,

    I use my PS3 mainly as a media client, wireless connected to the wl500gPV2. I used TVersity in the PC (with excellent quality and VERY easy to use).
    My video collection is growing to fast for my storage capacity in the PC.

    My goal is to get an external HDD connected via USB to the wl500gPV2 and use it as a media server (and so, not having the PC on wile viewing a movie).

    The firmware’s is the original asus. I don’t have a clue with programming or linux or the other expert stuff I’ve read in the forum.

    So I’ve experiment to connect a small HDD lying around. I could get the router to share a folder (via original webpage). But I couldn’t see the drive in XP. The drive is FAT32, the PC and router both have the same workgroup name. The PC connection to internet is OK, as so with the PS3. Ports forwarded, utorrent ok.

    I have followed the wl500gPV2 instructions, but is was a no go…

    I would appreciate your help to getting the HDD available and to use the wl500gPV2 as a media server.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Hey guys,

    Any help here?

    Thank you!

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    I am getting desperate here !

    Just try anything and nothing... new asus firmware, other USB port, new fat 32 HDD and the same problem:

    In widows I can't view the HDD: appears a msg about "workgroup not accessible, (...) net path not found"

    I can see the disk when configuring the usb applications in routers webpage, but not in windows, on as a media server.


    thkx alot

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