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Thread: How to configure WL-500 as VPN client / router?

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    How to configure WL-500 as VPN client / router?

    I've been researching the various thread discussion on setting up WL500 as VPN client / router... I think I'm totally confused now.. Not sure if the correct term to describe it as VPN client or router..??

    Anyways, my requirement is simple.. I need to connect 1 home PC and 1 SIP-compliant VOIP phone adapter to office network via PPTP VPN over internet. My connectivity to internet is currently via cable modem (WAN Type = Automatic IP).

    I can of course initiate PPTP from home PC to connect to office network. But the VOIP phone adapter (AX-112) does not have an option to setup PPTP connection. Therefore, I was thinking if I could setup permanent VPN connection to office network from WL-500.

    Office Network ======== internet ======== Cable Modem == WL-500 -- VOIP adapter

    == is VPN tunnel
    -- is normal LAN connection?

    Hope you can understand my explanation.. Any help is very much appreciated.

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    OpenVPN will probably do the job, but major problem will probably be non-permanent WAN IP address

    Edit: oh sorry, I mis-looked, if cable modem has permanent IP, so setup WL-500g to have WAN permanent IP also. Then setup cable modem port for VPN to be redirected to WL-500g and use OpenVPN. Look for tutorial somewhere here.
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