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Thread: Should I get a WL-500W or WL-500G premium?

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    Question Should I get a WL-500W or WL-500G premium?

    I want to get a wireless router with a USB port which can run open source firmware. The WL-500G premium meets my requirements at a reasonable price.

    I recently saw that the WL-500W isn't much more expensive, and my laptop has a Dell 1500 pre-n card. It seems like I should get the WL-500W, but I have some concerns and I can't say I require the extra speed.
    - There's a lot less info on it than the WL-500G.
    - The various open source firmwares just recently added support, so there could be problems.
    - I'm not sure if any open source firmwares support pre-n and I'm not sure if there are plans to add that support
    - 802.11n draft 2 is now out and WL-500W isn't listed as supporting it
    - The antennas aren't removable. I wonder, if WL-500G premium with an improved antenna would offer better range than a WL-500W

    As for firmware, I've read in several places that the Asus firmware sucks. What's the best replacement firmware for WL-500W?

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    Aside from the N hardware they are the same thing and Olegs firmware does support the N card.

    I have the WL-500W and have setup all the mod cons using 500gP instructions.

    Works great!

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