Using oleg fw now

I have been testing a strange problem with my cable provider - it looks like the cable modem stops the traffic when the dhcp is not reclaimed properly. To test if the dhcp lease is renewed from udhcpc in time I have installed watchdog checking the timestamp written into /tmp/udhcpc0.expires.

The strange thing is that /tmp/udhcpc0.expires is not updated properly - even when the lease is renewed

May 29 06:07:11 udhcpc[20551]: Lease of <the ip> obtained, lease time 21600

the expires file is not updated

ls -la /tmp/udhcpc0.expires

-rw-r--r-- 1 admin root 10 May 29 00:07 /tmp/udhcpc0.expires

with timestamp pointing to old 'Thu May 29 06:07:08'

so the question is

1) Is there a bug preventing udhcpc to write new expiry time to /tmp/udhcpc0.expires after renew?

2) Isn't it a little too late to renew the lease at May 29 06:07:11 when the expires file showed Thu May 29 06:07:08?

PS. I can't confirm that, but the problem started roughly after i updated to oleg's