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Thread: Yet another web front-end for rTorrent

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    Can you add initial seeding option in torrent properties?

    best regards
    Damian Lesiuk

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lesiuk View Post
    Can you add initial seeding option in torrent properties?
    Available in v2.4, see "torrent properties" dialog. For finished torrents only.

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    The GUI is really great, work like a charm, looks good too!

    I have one little problem: sizes above are shown wrong (-82349242). I.e. singed 32bit int overflow. Is it my rtorrent(compiled wrong) or the webui, or php?

    Any hints would be appreciated

    and keep up the great work!

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    Quote Originally Posted by egladil View Post
    Is it my rtorrent(compiled wrong) or the webui, or php?
    You need to install new version of xmlrpc-c library (>=1.11) and recompile rtorrent after that.

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    Is it possible to access this with external iport from work etc and not just internal?

    With logins ofc.

    Hmm and webui just says "loading" and nothing happens.

    I'm using lighthttpd with php5-cgi on debian lenny.
    And rtorrent 0.8.5-2 from packages system.

    EDIT: Never mind - working now. Permissions troubles
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    like a champ.


    Installed , and working like a champ.

    this is the best , the quick , and the most web easy install rtorrent front end.

    for control the security access , i added user autentification for rtorrent front-end directory with mod_auth , and it work perfect.

    thanks for all.

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    Thumbs up

    Thank you for this great UI. It's definately the best, fastest, easiest-to-install UI for rtorrent
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    is this working o rtorrent 0.8.6?
    Can some1 write me step by step instruction? i have installed only rtorrent [works perfectly by ntorrent but wanted to make it on webui] + samba2 + xintend
    Pls explain me what i have to install [only lightptd or something else?]
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