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Thread: cr1-2 Playing on-line game problem

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    After i upgraded my wl500g to, i've problem for using Port Trigger feature and playing online game feature.

    I'm using Port Trigger and Port Forwarding for the game PES 4.... After I upgraded to, the game is very lag whatever i'm the host or client. it's not acceptable. Therefore, i delete the Port Trigger setting and set it up again.. then the port trigger doesn't work anymore(Port forwarding is no problem). I also try to use the DMZ. but it doesn't work too....

    Finally, i downgarded to official firmware. no problem occurred. The Oleg firmware have more strength signal. So, i really want to fix it. Any suggestion for me... ?

    *I am using wireless client (Buffalo 54g usb Client)
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    Perhaps the signal is too strong which causes corrupted packages. If so, the packages are resent often which causes the lag. You might need to try with a lower power output.

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