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Thread: Exploring WL500gP hardware expansion / interfacing possibilities

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    how do you atached LCD to your router?
    this project:
    works fine both with lcdproc and lcd4linux on our routers

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    Quote Originally Posted by al37919 View Post
    this project:
    works fine both with lcdproc and lcd4linux on our routers
    I use lcd4lnux, because it contained in ipkg repository. It is big plus
    I analysed many projects and make my own program.
    My router have two serial ports. LCD conected to second one.
    Asus RT-AC66U, Xerox Phaser 3160B, on the shelf RT-N16 (Killed by lightning)
    WL-500gPv1 128MB, WL-500W 300MHz/128M, LCD 40x4, DIR-320 8Mb/64MB
    WL-700g 128MB, MNV25E2+ and more and more devices.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LnrMn View Post
    Are you right use 9pin method?
    1. Short 9pin to gnd
    2. Power on
    3. Wait about 15-20 second
    4. unshort & power off
    When power on, router must be answer on
    Well, I cannot tell what exactly my brother did when he bricked his router - if it was because of playing with pin9 (most likely) or because of early power off after flashing that might had happened before;-)

    But I tried the pin9 trick again, while having serial console connected - I did it the way described, waited even longer but after power on, there were still no messages on serial console, so I did not try to ping/tftp to, assuming router is still dead as the power on led was off as well.

    Or should the router answer to ping/tftp even without any messages on serial console?
    One thing I am not sure about is if I unshorted before power off or after - is that cruicial? Or should power off followed by unshort work as well?

    The pin9 trick is strange to me anyway - can anybody explain why it should even work?
    The flash datasheet tells me that pin9 is an address line (like A21 if I remember it correctly) so I am not really sure, what shorting it to ground could do.

    I could imagine that if CFE boot loader is started ok (and that would mean at least some messages on serial console) that shorting A21 may allow to load/start CFE from flash while causing crc error in data of the upper half of the flash where the kernel or nvram settings would be stored, possibly stopping the CFE from starting the kernel from flash or maybe using some defaults for nvram settings.

    But as mentioned - that's just hypothetic ideas created from uncertain assumptions by other people in some forum about wl-500gp on the net.

    Anyway - if the principle of pin9 trick is at all based on above described hypothesis - we should see some messages on serial console as a prerequisite to even bother trying to play with pin9, right?

    Please, correct me, if I am wrong...

    Quote Originally Posted by LnrMn View Post
    Look guys.. I have idea!!
    If your routers older then one year, you need to check power supply.
    It have problem with capacitors.
    Correct, I already had this problem with my router - so I bought better power supply, quality one with 4A rating, that is capable even to power a 250GB laptop drive over sata2usb convertor, together with dvb-t tuner connected to one of two usb ports soldered there additionaly...

    So even using such good power supply does not help the bricked router of my brother unfortunately...

    Quote Originally Posted by LnrMn View Post
    Forget about the U12. It does not help
    Do you know, what the U12 can be used for then?
    I am interested to know something about it also because of my router, which is working - to see the possibilities (and that is what this thread is about afterall)...

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    Question New mood challenge

    It would be nice that one of the Guru's from here will find a way to make from Wl500gP am voip adapter. I think the software woudn't be a problem but the hardware part would be trickiest. With some kind of adapter or chip to create de rj11 port.

    I am an beginner that's why i leave this mood to more experimented people.

    Can it be done ?


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    Quote Originally Posted by tmsulica View Post
    It would be nice that one of the Guru's from here will find a way to make from Wl500gP am voip adapter. I think the software woudn't be a problem but the hardware part would be trickiest. With some kind of adapter or chip to create de rj11 port.

    I am an beginner that's why i leave this mood to more experimented people.

    Can it be done ?

    making a rj11 port? yes it is possible, in fact they already have boxes for that:

    and with it an opensource driver:
    for the rt-n16 it wouldn't be much of a problem since it has a 2.6 kernel already... the wl500 series all have 2.4 due to binary drivers we can't compile ourself

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    So , the answer is NO , i have an usb phone from US Robotics, i can useit somehow ?

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    WL-500gP v1 flash size upgrade possible ?

    Hello there guys!!

    Recently I started wondering if a flash upgrade is possible on WL-500gP v1. Looking inside I noticed U12 place for a SPI flash - measuring connections it looks like the pinout is correct for example for S25FL128P (8 pin version) which is 16mB flash chip. SO , SI and SCK lines indicate some resistance comparing to GROUND - obviously some connections have been made on PCB and I'm sure they are connected to the SoC. CS# i bound with the CE# pin of the original flash chip. HOLD and WP would need a pull-up(pull-down) resistors (PCB has place for them). VCC and GND are on their places also. So from the hardware side there is a possibility to upgrade to larger ammounts of flash without the need for using SD storage or USB sticks (obviously removing old flash chip or desoldering its CE leg).

    The problem is I'm pretty nooby in linux, CFE experiments and simillar stuff. My question is: if I copy the contents of the original flash chip, programm it to the SPI chip as they are, is there any possibility that the router will start the bootoader ?? Or maybe some of You know how to setup the bootloader for using SPI flash instead the parallel one. Does BCM4704 even try to boot up from SPI if it doesn't find any data on the original parallel interface. ASUS engineers didn't put U12 footprint on the board without a reason. I hope hearing your opinions on this.

    PS. Sorry for my English if I made some mistakes - grettings from Poland
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    Give it a go

    The RAM memory can also be expanded on the WL500GP by finding the right chips BTW.

    It would not be too much of a problem for the kernal to detect the new flash configuration IMO. The worst is that you would have to recompile - but thats easy to do.
    Like some hero did with the DDRAM - the best way to find out is by experimentation.

    Is it worth it though???
    The major limiting problem with the WL500GP is the RAM - not internal flash!

    You can always use a SDcard to run SW from and leave the root FS running in native flash. But you cannot run many instances of different programs - say a mailserver, transmission, etc..etc.. without the RAM memory being all used up.
    2013.06.26 8am-1pm - WL500Gp running OLEG
    AutoInstall script (will partition your drive, install sw automatically) to work with disca here:
    a SheevaPlug (1.2Ghz ARMv5TE, 512Mb Mem, 512 Mb Flash running debian/ubuntu its USB 2.0 connected to a external USB 1TB WD Essentials Edition Harddrive (NAS). [Blew up - make me thankful for the bulletproof WL500Gp I have to fallback on]
    A Zoom VOIP

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    Thanks for your reply.
    I already did 128MB RAM upgrade - didn't took much effort to get it working
    As I mentioned before - I'm not interrested in using SD cards or USB sticks.
    I'll make some experiments and we'll see.
    In meantime, maybe anyone has some ideas how to answer my questions ??
    I have access to SPI and older flash programmers so copying from one to another wouldn't be a problem.

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