Hi All,

Thanks for the advice on MLDonkey it's Cool (Loads better than what I wanted ) OK got another question. I have a rather strange network setup for reasons that I will not go into. Here goes. I use a cable connection (I'm Based in the UK) which is plugged into a Linksys Wired Router (That acts as my main Firewall and Gateway) My ASUS (Running Kamakazie) is plugged into that. The Linksys has a built in DYNDNS client that I am using to update my IP. What I would like to do is get the ASUS accepting traffic forwarded to it from the Linksys

Linksys IP =
ASUS IP = (It's Wireless and Wired Network)

(IP Addresses have been changed to protect the inoccent!)

I have I belive set the Linksys up to forward port 80 to the ASUS ( What I now want to do is get the ASUS to forward the request to one of it's HTTP deamons (on port 8081)

How would I set the ASUS Firewall up?