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Thread: what ipkg's do you run?

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    what ipkg's do you run?

    Hi All,

    So last night i finally downgraded from the 2.0 firmware (that looks good but completely sucks) to k.furge build (which is awesome) but I don't know what i want to run on my router.

    I'm new to ipkg but after looking through the repo, it looks like there are some good packages for it.

    some that got my attention are.

    Just to name a few.

    My question is will these build on my router and what do other people run on theirs? So what do you run on your router and what kind of issues did you run into when installing?


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    I run enhanced-Ctorrent. And so far i like it much better then mldonkey. I just open the ports in my rc.local file and use the bit-torrent port and use enhanced-ctorrent and my downloads are working perfect, my upload also is working perfect. I get both good up and down speeds. it uses my max internet connection! I love enhanced-ctorrent. I also have "screen" installed so i can have more then 1 bit torrent download running. i have a screen for each seperate enhanced-ctorrent. Great program i love it.

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    nice. I tried installing a few things last night like screen and iptraf so i can watch the traffic on the network. I notice some things give me errors when i install them but they seem to work anyway. I thought about using Ctorrent but i like using peerguardian, I also see there is a transmission in the repo which is my fave BT client. I don't think it has a web interface though it would be cmd line only with the daemon, probably not what most people would want. (Edit. I just noticed they have a package for clutch, which is transmissions web interface, but i seem to remember it didn't work well for me the last time i tried it)

    I want to get privoxy running right on it, that way i could filter out all internet ads for every computer on my network, but i haven't tried installing it yet.
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