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Thread: Wireless LAN with Zyxel and ASUS router?

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    Wireless LAN with Zyxel and ASUS router?


    I am in deep trouble trying to configure my wireless router Zyxel 660 HW-63 and ASUS WL-500g:

    * I have a ASUS WL-167g Wlan adapter attached to my computer.
    * The Zyxel router is attached to my ADSL line and it's task will only be to handle the internet connection, i.e. I will only use the routing capabilities of my ASUS WL-500g.
    * The ASUS will be attached to my USB printer and Web cam
    * Most used programs: Outlook, IE, DC++, Net Meeting

    Is it possible to use both routers at the same time? Can I use their wireless funcionality in the W-lan I want to set up (i.e. Laptop connects wireless to the Internet, and to the printer and web cam), or must I first connect the 2 routers by "wire" and use one as a "bridge"?

    I tried to connect the Zyxel to the ASUS by wire, disabling the DHCP in the Zyxel. First I tried to connect from Zyxel LAN-port to the WAN-port of the ASUS but it did not work, then I connected to the ASUS LAN-port and at least I got internet connection on my laptop. Of course that DC++ didn't
    work (failed to create port mapping). I have manually assigned local IP-adresses for all devices (PC, card, routers)

    If using the ASUS as a bridge or in Spoof mode will I still be able to use DC++ or Net Meeting?

    Thank you, and a happy 2005 to all!!

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    Thats the basic config:
    Setup your Zyxel in bridge mode.
    Setup your WL-500g in home gateway mode (Probably as DHCP client for WAN and DHCP server for LAN).
    Connect Zyxel hard-wired to WAN port of WL-500g

    Connect your pc hard-wired to the WL-500g and make sure your internet works.

    Advanced config:
    Configure WLAN on WL-500g and pc without encryption

    Disconnect wires and try WLAN internet, if this works try encrypting your WLAN connection.

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    newbee doesnīt get it to work anyway...

    OK, tried that and it donīt work, changed the Zyxel to bridge, tried several options on the Asus:
    - tried PPPoE or dynamic IP
    - specifying DNS servers or leaving them blank
    - hybrid mode (instead of AP)
    - ip address (I have set the zyxel to
    - Enable DHCP (disabled on the Zyxel)
    - Default gateway: tried both or nothing
    - IP address DNS server:
    - no LAN vs WAN filter

    ALso tried automatic IP and fixed IPs with as gateway on the WLan card network config. My ASUS firmware is but this is a very basic config so I don't think it matters.

    The only way I got it to workwireless link computer-ASUS and wired LAN-ports ASUS-Zyxel!!; WAN-port didnīt work) is to let both routers in router mode, DHCP only assigned by the ASUS, specified gateway in ASUS to, fixed IP on the computers wireless network connection TCP/IP config ( IP for Wlan card, subnet mask, Gateway, specified DNS)

    ANd just another stupid (perhaps) question: whats the meaning of this table I get on the routing table:
    Destination Gateway Genmask Flags Metric Ref Use Iface * UH 0 0 0 WAN * U 0 0 0 LAN
    default UG 0 0 0 WAN

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    1,307 seems to be some PPPoE thing.

    I need extra info:
    - Which firmware version on WL-500g
    - ISP + country
    - Zyxel settings in router mode when you have working internet connection

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    - PPPoE
    - IP:
    - subnet mask
    - DHCP disabled
    - no LAN vs WAN filter
    - Wireless disabled
    - WAN setup is the same as when I am accessing INternet with only the zyxel router connected to my PC
    - SUA only

    My ASUS firmware is but this is a very basic config so I don't think it matters.

    My ISP: luxembourg, Visual Online (

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    den haag

    Some help

    I looked at your provider and looks like they are using PPPOE.
    If you use PPPOE and your Zyxel in Bridged mode you should
    put the Asus in PPPOE mode and fill in your user name and password in
    the ASUS. You should have gotten the password from your ISP. Have you done that?


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    Jepp, but I only managed to get the zyxel to work in router mode, strange huh?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maas
    Jepp, but I only managed to get the zyxel to work in router mode, strange huh?
    How did your provider deliver you the Zyxel, in router or bridge mode? Or did you purchase the router seperately? Most providers (or manufacturers of the routers) have FAQ pages for configuring the router correctly for use on their network.

    For example: has explicit instructions for setting the router up for the Demon network in bridge as well as router mode.

    English knowledgebase for Zyxel ADSL products:

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