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Thread: Settings for IPTV through this router

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    Quote Originally Posted by bef View Post
    "efficient multicast forwarding disabled" (On the RT-N16, the Wl500w doesn't offer this feature)
    WL500W definitely does offer this feature with FW from my sign below.

    Quote Originally Posted by bef View Post
    - The efficient multicast forwarding doesn't work properly (RT-N16 only):
    It only works when I start it up without the efficient forwarding, then turn it on and restart the RT-N16.
    it splits wire and radio streams, keeps radio clean from multicast, if the subscribers are all on wire. Nothing else.

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    Moving the WL500w around a bit vastly improved the situation I only get a small stutter every few minutes if any at all... I still might have a look at the channel, as I selected the one in use years ago.


    Thanks for the clarification. I misinterpreted the effect of "efficient multicast forwarding", I thought it implements something like IGMP snooping.
    Therefore it is clear why I don't see this option on the WL500w: It is configured as Wifi-Client / Ethernet bridge and hence doesn't provide wifi-services for clients.

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