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Thread: How TO - Vodafone Huawei E-220 Connecting problems

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    How TO - Vodafone Huawei E-220 Connecting problems

    Hi friend

    Thera are the dial user config that resolve the problems connecting to internet with Huawei E-220 connect Box of Vodafone Portugal in Oleg's firmware.

    The solution is the command that wil verify if /dev/usb/tty/0 is mounted if not it restart the router and then it work fine.

    This problem appends when power on the router for the firts time and it don't reconise the E-220 box.

    this is the script

    if [ -c /dev/usb/tts/0 ]
    then ( pppd call gprs )
    else ( sleep 10 && reboot )

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    Be very careful when installing this script, because it can end in a continuous rebooting.
    Much better is to add to your post-boot (right before rcunslung) 'sleep 30'

    Don't forget to store your postboot with flashfs...........&& reboot

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    hi friend

    I known if the USB Huawei e-220 isnt connect in the router it go to continous reboot

    I have tested this script in post bost and it makes the router continuous rebooting.

    With this way is only the form that i can work better.

    If you have a better soluttion please help-me

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    Just replace your script with a 'sleep 30'

    When I remove the sleep 30 in my post-boot, I get the same behaviour, because the modem needs time to be initialized, hence let your router wait some seconds and your problems are gone......

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