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Thread: setup up for Cisco VPN client IPsec

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    Does pass through WL-500gP IPsec VPN connections from wireless clients?

    What firmware versions supports that?

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    setup up for Cisco VPN client IPsec


    have wl-600g and have hard times setting up the Cisco VPN client connection over this box. PPTP and l2tp windows vpn tunnels are working just fine. Tried several "everything<-> everything" NAT rules or even putting the client host to DMZ, but without any luck.
    Just upgraded to, but without improvements in this area.

    Some say that other ASUS boxes have saparete VPN passthough menus in the mgmt page, this one hasn't.

    Anyone has any clues ?


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    Hi drq,

    If you're trying to use the Cisco VPN client from inside to outside with the WL-600g, then try this. Go to Advanced Setup->NAT->Port Triggering on the router's web page and setup a rule for:

    Trigger UDP Port 500 Open UDP Port 500

    Call it whatever you like. It worked for me.


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    Thank you very much, kmy,

    it worked like charm.


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