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Thread: WL-330ge as repeater

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    WL-330ge as repeater

    I have a WL-330ge on a SpeedTouch 585v6.
    After setup the WL-300ge as repeater and activate the WDS on SpeedTouch I cannot connect through the WL-330.
    I have setup to same SSID, channel and encryption method. The result is the same.
    Please can someone help me.

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    You do not need to enable WDS function of SpeedTouch.
    Set the SpeedTouch as pure AP just fine.

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    Thank you

    I disable the WDS option, but after a period of 12 hours that it works fine I have problems again.
    When I choose to Repair my connection the procedure stucks at Renew your IP Adress stage. In TCP/IP properties of my connection the option Obtain an IP Address automatically is on.
    Any new idea?

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    The situation should be caused by the unicast DHCP lease renewal. It is the nature of repeater mode.

    The simple solution is to use static IP.

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