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Thread: Increase the sensitivity of Asus WL-500gP Hardware mod.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lly View Post
    If Wi-Fi is turned ON on router, this shows that there were strong noise source near router, i.e. this value is very bad.

    Your router is buggy, but fix it is up to you - to make decision you have to reread threads on this forum and OpenWRT forum. R17 size is 0402.
    Thanks for the information. Do you have any idea what could cause this much noise?

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    Have wl-50gP serial begins with 77, wl noise shows -98
    I need to change resistor R17, right ? Mesuring the R17 value I found a strange value 3.6 kohm, strange

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    Yes you have to change R17.

    if you mesure R17 on the board, you are mesuring also all components connected to R17, so it's normal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aser View Post
    When I use the wl noise command, my router gives me a value of -24. Is this good or bad?

    I checked the resistor using a multimeter, and it gives me a value of 3.66 kOhms. My router however is a bit older than the ones talked about in this topic. The number on the back starts with 67 which suggests it was made in July 2006.

    Should I still apply the fix or not? Also, what is the physical size of these resistors? Is it 0402?
    I'm lost
    Mine tells me it is -12

    If -89 is good and lower is bad (if I understand this topic correctly...) than mine must be OK, right......?

    Don't know the s/n right now because I'm at work.

    Well, I've got two. One s/n starts with 68 (oldie...) and gives -12
    The second one is newer; 75 and is completely default and telling -98

    The latter I modified by placing a correct R17 and now it says: -85
    So I guess things are improved, right ?

    But what about the first one giving the -12 ???
    The two are wireless connected using WDS and both react to 'wl rate' with 24 Mb. I'm told this is normal for WDS (?)
    This box is a little modified end is running OpenWRT WR-0.9

    any ideas?
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    Do I need the hardware mod ?

    Hello all,

    Don't know if this is the right place to post but..

    My Asus serial number starts with 77 => July 2007.

    The Asus official communicate stated that the problem existed for units manufactured before July 2007 => my unit needs the mod or not ?
    I'm not very sure if it gets on the good side

    Also, what txpwr should I use or what else can I change (I already placed an ANT-150 antenna from Asus instead of the default one) ?
    With the default setting I get full signal in my room, but only 1 line of signal in the kitchen and 1 / none sometimes in the living room (small 2 room apartment).


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    I just removed the cover from the unit and saw:

    WL-120G V2AE R1.00 and WL-120G V2A R1.01 on it.
    serial begins with 77 => July.

    On another thread here I saw that the board it I mentioned above is the right one.

    Do I require the change of the resistor ?

    (the only indication to this is the wl noise command which gives average -96 and Oleg said that with the right resistor it should be -87 or close to).

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    Quote Originally Posted by mimmopoli View Post
    my unit was march2007, so a "defective" one...
    Just for your info on my "new" BCM94318MPG REV4 the output of "wl noise" is:
    noise is -97
    Hope this help,

    i tried to do it this way and bought one of these:

    BroadCom BCM94318MPG 4324A BRCM1016 Mini Pci + FCC CE

    but when i plugged it in, it didnt work (i'm using dd-wrt v23 standard). any idea what i need to do to get it to work? is it the right model? do i need to switch to oleg?

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    noise is 0 (off)

    Quote Originally Posted by Cowgoesmoo View Post
    My router is also giving this reading. Can someone tell us why?
    Same question !
    With a router marked/from 67 I also have this reading on "wl noise".
    noise is 0 (off)

    Anyone ?

    Good - bad - don't worry - don't bother ?

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    This disappears if you upgrade firmware.

    This was how I solved it

    But I also changed the broadcom wifi with atheros and I have much better signal.


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    I have installed.
    Isn't that one good enough / updated ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by P Still View Post
    Same question !
    With a router marked/from 67 I also have this reading on "wl noise".
    noise is 0 (off)
    What does it mean? How to turn it on?


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    BCM94306MPSG working on WL-500gP?


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    WL 500-G Premium v1 Repaired succesfully !

    Just to confirm my experience on repairing teh factory fault on the PCI card on an Asus WL-500gP.
    The SN started wit: 66.. So it meaned the defective series.
    The on-site check (http://my.router...) showed 97dB, so again: defective.
    I used method with replacing the defective resistor.
    Unfortunately in teh store they didn't have the right size of the 62 Ohm ones: they offered 0603 instead 0402. So, I buy it. Price: 0.02E.
    After replacing it as above instruction the coverage has been increase by 6-7 meters. And in the mean time the signal is much more stable and good.
    Thank you for the method, guys !
    Best regards

    P. Just wanted to ask: If I connect to the PCI card a second antenna to the "AUX" connector, do I need any firmaware changes?
    I am now with the original 1975 firmware from Asus.

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    wl-500gP pre 2007 version
    -99dB has dropped to -85dB, 68R standart size resistor, thanks for this great mod/bug repair.
    RT-N13u dd-wrt | Toshiba 2.5" 160GB | pxe boot server

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    Thanks to this forum I also solved an issue described in here:
    With my notebook using an Intel 5350 WiFi card I got a stable connection, but not in another room, as mentioned in the thread I had problems with my girlfriend's notebook and also my mobile phone didn't work.
    Because of this I had to use a second access point to get her into the Web.

    I didn't have a 68 Ohm resistor here, but adding a 82 Ohm resistor also worked.
    After boot I still had a noise level of about -96, but after some minutes it went down to -86 to -84 and now my mobile phone works, I got full 54Mbit in all rooms an my girlfriend's notebook is working now without any problem.
    Big thanks to you about investigating about this problem and finally finding a solution!

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