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Thread: Oleg's Firmware via Apple Computer?

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    Oleg's Firmware via Apple Computer?

    Hi together,

    i "unluckily" have only Apple Computers in my household.
    Can I upload Oleg's Firmware as well via the the ASUS Web GUI? I own the WL-500W.

    Or do i have to use the Windows tool "Firmware Restauration"?

    Thanks a lot, Christian

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    I solved it:

    I started a terminal session and via tftp it was no problem at all to install the firmware. Quite simple!

    Regards, Christian

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    i think you can, but you to have a wired link to the router

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    hey kopmann, how about a mini tutorial on what you've done? ;-)

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    help!!! asus wl-500w on Mac

    I bought router Asus wl-500w, I tried to connect it to my mac... without success - without my printer which was connect to router, with very slow internet, only working on access point mode.

    Please HELP ME!!!

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