hello guys,

I have just found that this forum is not only about routers ;-)
so i have this pocketPC (A696) running windows mobile 6 update.

it has bluetooth and wifi support.

I would like to use it in my car also as BT handsfree if it is possible but with no success yet. it is probably a thing of operating system (WM).... but i hope that you guys have enough experience also with this ;-)

my goal is to connect my phone to this pocketPC similar way i am connecting it via BT to my headset and then i can make handsfree calls. in short words: i'd like my asus to act like a bluetooth handsfree device. it should send my voice from mic via BT to the phone... and send back the callers voice from phone back to asus's speaker.

I believe that it is possible after making some OS modifications. because there is builtin "BT audio gateway" service, which is good-for-nothing in this case. because cell phones searches for "BT headset" service and not for audio gateway... I would like to add or configure also bluetooth headset service in this "windows mobile" OS somehow.

i googled a lot but with no relevant advices so far.
what about you ? ;-)