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Thread: [HowTo] Upgrading RAM to 128 MB (WL-500gP, WL-500W and WL-700gE)

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    tmsulica: I found the M470L6524BT0-CB3 module on ebay recently.

    I used a hot air gun to desolder the chips (wl700ge).
    The pbfree solder needs quite a lot more heat/time to melt.

    I Soldered one chip into U3, but could not get the power led to come on.
    Rechecked the solder a couple of times.

    Finally pulled the chip back off and resoldered the original which works fine again - happy and sad about that.

    I will try once more tomorrow with a fresh chip.

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    are you from romania ?

    hello, sorry about that better luck next time. Let's hope that you succeed ! Best of luck ! BTW: Are you from Romania ?

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    re: r u from romania ?

    yes, I am...
    and also interested in modding MSI RG54SE II widespread wireless router
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    Do you have test A-data chips DDR400(2.5) 512MX16 ADD8608A8A-5BG?

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    Is it possible to increase the ftp download speed from an USB HDD on the router to a client by this mod?

    I just want to have a little bit mor speed than 3MB/s or do you say this mod would have no effect on the transfer rates?

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    Quote Originally Posted by darkside40 View Post
    Is it possible to increase the ftp download speed from an USB HDD on the router to a client by this mod?

    I just want to have a little bit mor speed than 3MB/s or do you say this mod would have no effect on the transfer rates?
    Extra ram is most likely not going to increase ftp speed.
    Try ftp with a minimum amount of daemons loaded.
    Then you know what the maximum speed is you can get.
    which is probably exactly the same as you are getting now.

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    Tried that already killed things like transmission and pyload an that dosen't increase the Lan speed.
    So no need for such a risky operation at the open PCB of my WL- 500gP.

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    Problem with U4

    Quote Originally Posted by pmahlknecht View Post
    Ok, i managed to enable the the 64Mb of U3 without enabling U4 with sdram_init=0x0013 . Infos about the sdram configuration can be found here: .
    I changed two chips, but router did not started, so I bought new Samsung SO-DIMM and changed U3 only, it started (I did not enable whole chip, but used original commands by Oleg from first post), then U4 chip was soldered in empty place. Router booted and everything was fine, but when I enabled U4 chip via PUTTY the connection has gone after reboot command and router never booted again.
    The question is how to disable U4 chip when router does not start, maybe serial port, what soft is necessary.


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    Just signed up this forum to say thank you very much to all of you,and especially to Mr. Oleg who had the amability to share his work with us.
    I successfully upgraded my wl500gP to 128MB following all steps in the first post.
    The two Dimm's I used are from Micron 46V32M16-6T,unsoldered from So-Dimm module Kingston KVR333X64/256MB.It was a module with only 4 chips.The resistor R43 is 22 ohms,altough the other ones originally on the board are 33 ohms.Could this be a problem on long term ?
    Did not soldered capacitor between pin 51 of U4 and ground.

    Once again,thank you !

    PS. I'm running dd-wrt v24 sp2,build 14896
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    Cool WELL DONE Mielu

    Hello and well done, i think you will give me the courage to do it also, maybe you can post some pictures to see your mood ? To brag , and btw, are you from Romania ? If you are, can you tell me where do you found the chips , and btw they are not in the list of oleg's but you took a chance ? and 2nd , you have 33 ohm resistor on the original board ? It should be be empty pads ....

    Once agains bravo!
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    Thank you and yes,I am from RO/Bucharest.
    I can't take good quality pictures,only got my mobile phone with camera,but it's like it was before,with the original chips .The So-Dimm module,got it from an old laptop.
    The chips are in a list,a list posted by another user,"Inertial" on post #36 and tested by user "mitek",post #21.As you can see I didn't pushed my luck,just read the whole topic.
    About the resistor R43,yes there were empty pads,no resistor soldered,but on post #1 Mr. Oleg said R43 22 Ohms and that is the value of the resistor that I soldered in,but I was saying about the other resistors,soldered by factory,like R41,R45,etc...,they all are 33 Ohms.
    Good luck with your mod.
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    After running memtest all looks good,no errors.
    Changed the resistor too,to 33 ohms one. (only for my consciousness
    By the way,tmsulica...
    If you don't have memory chips,I have two of them left.

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    Thank you guys.
    I`m proud owner of WL500W with 128 MB.
    Everything works like a charm.

    Wish you luck


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    Chip: RC12D161TA0-27BC VData DDR333 (2.5) 512MX8, S/N: 502XR VDFDB29080XK - Is this RAM supported ?

    Is there any way to run router on U4 RAM only ?
    I lose a few soldering path for U3 chip - my first upgrade :-(
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    problem after ram upgrade

    I've successfully upgraded the ram of my WL-500G Premium to 128Mb by following Oleg's instructions. The very last operations were:
    nvram set sdram_init=0x0011
    nvram set sdram_config=0x0062
    nvram set sdram_ncdl=0
    nvram commit
    Then I've run "memtester 64M" for about 3 loops. There was no problem. In the end, I stopped memtester with ctrl-c and powered off the device.

    About 1 or 2 hours later, I came back and powered on the device, but the power led never turned on:
    • no more power led
    • no network (no ping response on
    • no recovery (restore button on power up)
    • no messages on UART_TX0 and UART_TX1

    What could have happened, and how could I repair the device?
    My OS: OpenWRT 10.03

    TIA for any help!

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