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Thread: Compiling imageMagick from optware with Magick++ support

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    Compiling imageMagick from optware with Magick++ support


    (i've posted this in the wl500g forum as well, but asking here too!!)

    don't know if this is the right place to ask, but here goes:

    i need to compile imagemagick with Magick++ (c++ api) support - the standard oleg optware package doesn't have it. i need this for correct working of 'fuppes' media server...

    now, i've successfully built (on PC) imagemagik using the optware toolchain as described in under debian in a VMware session on my windows laptop. all good, it builds and runs. (using apt-get install <blah> i assume gets all the latest versions)

    then, i mod the file to add to the ./configure bit the param --with-magick-plus-plus which should do what i need. however, it always fails the tests for suitable c++ compiler.

    ANY help would be welcome - kind of at a loss to know what to do here: i've done 'make uclibc++' in the root optware directory (but this always builds the 'arm' nslu2 version not the 'oleg' version i want: manually changed the makefile sorts that, but is this the right way?), as i thought it might be down to not supporting std namespace/libs, but that made no difference.

    if anyone could try it themselves (i.e. compiling imagemagik in optware with --with-magick-plus-plus) that'd be a real help...


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    I might try... Compiling packages on the router, while easy, can be painful sometimes.

    - K.C.

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    uclibc++ AFAIK is not yet really usable. You might want to try to cross-compile it against libstdc++

    Another idea --- try to research mk files of known c++ apps which compile successfully (e.g. libtorrent/rtorrent are pure c++ apps).

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    good thinking; i'll look into those: the fuppes code i compile is mostly .cpp but doesn't use STL, so no problem with stdc++/uclibc++ etc

    i think i can get round it for my particular problem: fuppes media serve checks in the configure part for Magick++ but in reality, it only uses Magick (i.e. 'C' version) for the parts that i'm compiling (i.e. transcoding suppoirt is disabled which is the c++ bit); the part i need it for is in determining the resolution of image files for photo display on the xbox: i can probably hack some libjpeg-based code that does away with imagemagick for my needs.

    i've tried messing with uclibc++ and libstdc++ but i'm falling into a quagmire of cross-compiling and makefiles, most of which goes over my head to be honest - i used to know this stuff but old(er) age has killed my memory ;(

    KC - well worth trying: an example: compiling fuppes on my asus takes approximately 1:30-2hrs IIRC. compiling on my laptop takes 10mins tops! i can run through my exact setup sometime if it helps - basically its vmplayer+debian image...the network adapter setup was a little pesky (theres a config prog in the vmplayer install dir) because i'm behind a proxy at work, but its pretty straightforward. the instructions to get the toolchain are good too, do as it says and choose something like say 'which' to make and it will build all the toolchain there and then. takes a good number of hours to get it all compiled tho!! once done, its sooooo much easier to tinker with code, compile and see the effects rather than on the nas itself.

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