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Thread: New Specs from Asus - Audio Streaming and Traffic Shaping

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    Does the traffic shaping now work properly with the newer firmwares?

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    I've tested some USB sound cards on it and they both work.

    A Zalman ZM-RSSC works fine but is for about 40€
    A Kinyo DA-10 Usb audio converter costs 12€ and also works fine.

    I have also tested some very cheap USB speakers, they were detected but the plugin crashes and I have to reboot the wl500g.

    I haven't been able to find any info regarding the waveserver and waveservermain deamons used for the audio feature and I would shurely like to know what kind of stream it is. But I have the impression the there is not alot of people on the forum interested in the audio feature.
    Anyway I am. Please find my comments here (the last posting on that thread):

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    I'm pretty happy with this feature. I use
    this device costs ca. 40$ but I sure that the other devices sold on works fine as well.

    I have the router connected to my sterio and I find it great to be able to play my mp3 without any cables conencted to my laptop. The plugin works fine, but does anybody knows if it is available for itunes to?

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    I'm also interested in the audio features of the 500g.
    Is there a list available which common usb-soundcards do work on the device (I especially need a spdif output)?
    Where do I find the plugin for wmp? is there a plugin for winamp as well?

    Now I use a MSAccess database with winamp as an mp3 jukebox and it would be cool to no longer have my notebook connected to the amp for hearing music...

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