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Thread: New Specs from Asus - Audio Streaming and Traffic Shaping

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    Smile New Firmware from Asus - Audio Streaming and Traffic Shaping

    This is a press release from today, on

    Taipei, Taiwan, Dec 7 2004 – ASUSTeK Computer Inc. (ASUS), a leading provider of high-performance wireless solutions, today introduced firmware upgrades of the WL -500g wireless USB router for three new exciting features! As multimedia data transmission such as voice, video, interactive gaming and P2P download grow in popularity, and more personal information is being shared wirelessly, the need for bandwidth prioritization and data secured privacy in the cyber world has become critical. The WL -500g now provides the latest technology including, bandwidth management, WMM support and WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access) to enhance the data sharing experience and provides solutions to security concerns.
    Bandwidth Management - This function allows easy management of the selected applications (ports) or IP addresses in the network to prioritize bandwidth and optimize network resources. Internet connection will not slow down even when someone in the network is carrying out P2P download.
    WMM (Wi-Fi Multimedia) - This special feature controls bandwidth between the head-end (Access Point) and the client-end (computer), and users the option to decide if this feature should be enabled. Applications are sorted into four categories to which the amount of bandwidth is allocated accordingly. Users can now choose to prioritize programs and applications to ensure smooth operation as well as effective usage of resources.
    The WL -500g has a unique USB Plug-n'-share function, which allows wireless sharing of webcam images, hard disk data and printing functions. Also, via the WL -500g 's USB port, users can share and play music files wirelessly on Windows Media Player without any other software configurations. Music sharing has never been this easy before!

    Armed with WPA2, which is based on the IEEE 802.11i standard, the WL -500g ensures all data is private and access to the network is restricted to authorized users only. WPA2 provides more advanced encryption mechanism compared with WPA through the government and corporate grade security protection system, AES. Just download the new firmware from the ASUS website and enjoy this security upgrade.
    However, I could not find the firmware update in the download section
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    the news is gone. your link doesn't work.

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    find mirror here in case they would decide to take it offline, but they have changed specs for WL500g as well

    according to asus it seems it is also (going to) support WPA2

    find here the PDF for compatible speakers:

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    The new Plug 'n' Speaker is a funny feature. This should make it easy to create a standalone mp3 station if you connect a HDD as well.

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    Well, link is fine, but no firmware available for download yet.

    Looks like they've finally included bplay in the build.

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    Could someone mirror the image in my original post and change the link? Just in case...

    Also, I apologize for having posted in the wrong place.

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    Unhappy Speakers

    Hi, is there anyone who get it work (speakers via usb)?

    I installed asus plugin into media player and connect usb audio card (Sonica).
    In Settings menu I can see "Device not found".

    Is there any other additional settings in WL-500g or somewhere else?
    Or try to guess what could be wrong.

    Thank you!

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    Does the traffic shaping now work properly with the newer firmwares?

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    I've tested some USB sound cards on it and they both work.

    A Zalman ZM-RSSC works fine but is for about 40€
    A Kinyo DA-10 Usb audio converter costs 12€ and also works fine.

    I have also tested some very cheap USB speakers, they were detected but the plugin crashes and I have to reboot the wl500g.

    I haven't been able to find any info regarding the waveserver and waveservermain deamons used for the audio feature and I would shurely like to know what kind of stream it is. But I have the impression the there is not alot of people on the forum interested in the audio feature.
    Anyway I am. Please find my comments here (the last posting on that thread):

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    I'm pretty happy with this feature. I use
    this device costs ca. 40$ but I sure that the other devices sold on works fine as well.

    I have the router connected to my sterio and I find it great to be able to play my mp3 without any cables conencted to my laptop. The plugin works fine, but does anybody knows if it is available for itunes to?

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    I'm also interested in the audio features of the 500g.
    Is there a list available which common usb-soundcards do work on the device (I especially need a spdif output)?
    Where do I find the plugin for wmp? is there a plugin for winamp as well?

    Now I use a MSAccess database with winamp as an mp3 jukebox and it would be cool to no longer have my notebook connected to the amp for hearing music...

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