hello friends ...

i run a long time my little Asus box ....

good , very good .... all fine ... and wizd running with my Syabas based Media Player ....

last day i update ( old version ? > 1 year ) with the last version

and after impossible to run anything

many bad or eratics possibilities

1 - i cannot write in /opt folder after reboot i can ??
2 - always mounted in /opt but not write possibility , i unmount and after ok
3 - mount ok but after reboot i have only the flash dir ok
4 - also i overwrite with my old smb.conf ( saved in my computer ) and after reboot write protection in opt folder
5 - web page is with some times with Box_names/security-rollup ....

i am very sorry
i have working to repair > 48 hours !!

i have reformated drive ( 80 HGo ) with a linux machine and reinstall all , always bad

i have reinstalled asus firmware ( recovery ) and after update same problem

i am bad , i am bad or ????

question : how i clear all flash memory for reinstall all as my fresh old version and sure possibility to reinstall Oleg firmware running fine ?