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Thread: PC auto turning-on after shutdown ?

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    PC auto turning-on after shutdown ?

    I have a very odd problem...I checked everything, updated my bios, formated my computer with winxp sp2, and the problem still persists. I tried with/without cables, and I came to the conclusion that if the router (asus wl500g) is connected via LAN1, 2, 3 or 4, after I shutdown my pc, it will turn on in about 20 seconds. Without the router on, it won't boot, as it should

    I looked up on the forum for WOL, because it could be it, but I just read that it isn't natively supported. I also experienced this problem with original stock firmware, but also newest official ASUS firmware.

    Any idea ?


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    Strange. I have similar strange things happening.
    My PC seemingly randomly switches on. When I completely disconnect it from the wl500g it is not happening.

    I do have an WOL batchfile somewhere on the wl500g that is containing the correct MAC

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    Exactly...but I don't use WOL, which makes me wonder what the hell is happening. Should I get a new one ?

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    I guess your PC supports WoL so it means that even when you shutdown your PC, the network card still active in the network (you can check if the light on the WL-500g still on even when the PC is off).

    When a port is active on the WL-500g, the router sends BPDU packets in order to check for loops (spanning tree protocol).

    I guess your PC is reacting to these packets and starting. You should check WoL status on your PC.

    If it is so, it wouldn't help to change your WL-500g.

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    Yup, but the strange thing is that it is disabled on bios to react to wake on lan calls. The bios is new, and also the motherboard (p5ad2)..
    I think the best is to take it to the shop, and do some further testing. Thanks for your help thought

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    I do really suspect that there is something wrong with WoL in your PC. You can do a simple test: Try to connect another PC to your WoL-PC (back-to-back with a crossover cable). Shutdown your WoL-PC and now you should create some traffic from the new-PC that you can guarantee that is to hit the WoL-PC. If in the new-PC you have "obtain an IP address automatically" make an IP release/renew. This is to generate traffic to find the DHCP server. If you have a fix IP address just run a ping to the gateway or some other IP address but the one assigned to the new-PC.

    Your "WoL-PC" should not wake-up with BPDU packets since they are NOT wake-up frames. If by doing the test I described above your WoL-PC wakes-up then there is something wrong with the your PC. If it does not then I might wonder why or how your PC is receiving wake-up frames.

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    Hey, sorry for the late reply.

    I managed to get a new motherboard (P5AD2 Premium), just like my old name. The problem persists...I've found out that it will only auto-start if the router is connected to te computer.

    The odd thing is that this same router, with a similar motherboard (my neighboor), doesn't make his pc auto-start.

    I've emailed asus, but haven't got a reply yet.

    Any ideas :S ?

    Tamadite, I might try that thanks for the suggestion!

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    not that this will help you

    but to state some facts which apply to my network

    I have a few pc's supporting WOL, which actually work when I tell the router to wake them up

    none of the PC's ever turn on out of themselves

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