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Thread: login problems with admin/admin

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    Unhappy login problems with admin/admin


    I have problems with login to my router after I updated firmware. I can ping router, when I try it ask me for username,password and admin/admin doesn't work. I also tried root,user,administrator,password words in all combinations and nothing works. I tried last 2 firmwares
    WL500gp- and

    same problem with both. When I tried DD-WRT - dd-wrt.v23_asus.trx it works with no problem (root/admin). I guess I updated firmwire correctly otherwize it wouldn't even ask me for password.
    Any suggestions?


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    ok another problem
    I uploaded DD-WRT firmware which works and I changed IP from to . Then I tried on another computer Oleg's firmware and it changed BUT it keeped IP So, now I can't access it with username/password (admin/admin) and I can't even rewrite it to DD-WRT because Firmware restoration program is looking for ip
    Emm I red somethink about tftp command to put firmware up to specific IP, but I can't get it work. Any idea? a little help?


    it works. If anyone else need help with this: this is how to do it

    You need:

    First you set router into recovery mode, then set your IP in the range of your ruter's ip (usually 192.168.1.x, gateway is In my case I set ip , gateway When router in is recovery mode you should be able to ping it.

    1. recovery mode
    2. tftp -i PUT wl500g-clear-nvram.trx (wait a minute)
    3. recovery mode
    4. tftp -i PUT wl500g-recover.trx (wait a minute) Here I noticed that router changed IP from to so I had to changed my IP.
    5. recovery mode
    6. tftp -i PUT dd-wrt.v23_asus.trx (wait a minute)
    7. reset (power out, power in), wait a minute, login with root/admin

    done. This is how to flash router without Asus firmware restoration tool. I tried to do this with Oleg's firmware but it didn't work. I guess I will stay with DD-WRT firmware until next version.

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    Actually, just a small bit of theory:

    Oleg's fw doesn't contain any passwords. Password for web-IF is stored in nvram (username is always admin). This is true always independently from the following.

    In case if there is no file /etc/passwd, telnet/ssh access is granted to user root with the same password as in web-IF. If there is file /etc/passwd then the user accounts and passwords are stored in it, which can be used for shell logins.

    /etc/passwd is not stored in the firmware, but in the user-writeable area of the flash.

    So, in any case the problem is in corrupted nvram or user-area-of-the-flash

    BTW, have you tried reset button on the back of the router?

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